Tripping in the Juice

Are you looking for a juicy psychedelic experience in a beautiful and cosy environment? First-timer or veteran psychonaut?

it’s kinda trippy here!

With its beautiful murals, bright open spaces and cute details, the FireJuice, our Amsterdam psychedelic, queer, vegan Bed & Breakfast is indeed a perfect playground for laughter and self-expression. It sounds like the ideal place to munch your magic truffles, doesn’t it?
We agree! But wait, not so fast… Since we started welcoming guests almost four years ago, many people asked about this possibility, and many had joyful journeys. Others were not so thoughtful, and just tripped at home without informing us in advance.

Let’s talk about it

The FireJuice is our nest, where we live and work. If you are interested in tripping here with legally available substances, please discuss this with us in advance. Together, we will look at the possible options. For instance, we can make sure you will be the only guests in the house during your stay, or prepare a selection of nice art books…

When you write us through our contact form, please tell us about your intention so we can start a conversation. Of course, we reserve the right to refuse a trip at home. In that case, we will let you know why and suggest alternative options. Thank you!

La Dame en Noir - A Beautiful Brain

 Artwork by La Dame en Noir – Check her on InstagramFacebookEtsy