Shroom room

Fly high!

Welcome to the Shroom Room. This is the kind of room you have been dreaming of as a child, and likely never really got, and guess what… You still want it. So here is your opportunity.

Take off and follow one of the gracious flying creatures to the party island and meet the mushroom wizard. Lie down in the middle of the vortex and gaze up at the cosmic whirlpool. If this does not convince you, we do not know what would. And don’t worry, the All-Seeing Eye is always vigilant.

The Shroom Room is an artwork by the hand of Kamiel Proost. This Amsterdam-based painter, poet and all-around artist has been creating wonderful imagination-worlds for over 25 years. His influences range from Mexican tattoos to Hieronymus Bosch, with a very surrealist, ethereal, dream-like style. If you want to see more of his work, a visit to the Kokopelli in the city center is highly recommended, as you can admire (and possibly purchase) some prints of his work.

The room comes with a double bed (160 x 200) with a lovely firm memory foam mattress.

FireJuice B&B - Shroom Room by Kamiel Proost

Price per night 2024 (for two people, VAT 9%, 12,5% tourist tax and breakfast included):

  • Low-season (November – March): €120
  • High-season (April – October): €130

Reductions per night:

  • Single person visit: -€10
  • Empty belly option, per person (no breakfast): -€10 per person

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