Links & Tips

Where to go and what to do when you’re in Amsterdam? The FireJuice might be awesome but at some point you’ll want to set a foot outside. We compiled a paper booklet listing places where to eat, dance, get amazed or have fun. Read it when you’re home. Here are a few more suggestions to help you prepare your trip.

  • First take a look at our Facebook page, where we share interesting events every now and then.
  • On Radar Squat, find the local (political, cultural) events and vegan kitchens in social centers, squats and alternative not-for-profit venues. Run by people, for people.
  • Check out a comprehensive list of vegan and vegetarian places in town on Vegan Amsterdam.
  • If you travel out of the city, then have a look on The Happy Cow to find vegan and vegetarian spots.
  • Finally if you plan a trip within your trip, please read this page, then get your information and traveling materials at the right place. In our humble opinion, Amsterdam offers two choices: Azarius and Kokopelli-Conscious Dreams.

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