From July 1, 2020, we will open the FireJuice again to receive guests in our home. In order to avoid spreading the virus further, we will implement the following rules:

  • You can book for a minimum of two nights.

Cleaning everything properly after you leave is a lot of work. Therefore, we’d like to encourage long stays. The longer, the better! There is a lot to see in and around Amsterdam, especially if you like cycling in the surrounding countryside with your picnic basket or swimming in the nearby lakes.

  • We welcome only one “group” at a time in the FireJuice.

This means that if you are two people and book one bedroom, we will keep the second guest room empty. If you are three or four people and book together, you can book both rooms at the same time. This way, we avoid having a bunch of people at home at the same time from every corner of the world.

  • 1.5 m distance with us.

Too bad, no goodbye hug :’( But foot salutations are allowed.

  • Respect the Dutch government guidelines.

We request that you follow the Dutch guidelines regarding Corona. Please do not rub yourself to a bunch of strangers in the park, wash your hands frequently and wear a mask in public transports. See the RIVM website in English for more information.

  • Stay at home if you are sick.

In case you experience any symptom before your stay, you will need to cancel. The Booking Conditions change a bit in that case: if you cancel your booking less than a week before your stay, your 50% advance payment can still be used to reschedule your stay in Amsterdam.

On our side…

We commit to enhancing our cleaning routine between each group of guests. Disinfecting doorknobs was not really part of our habits, but here we are, in 2020, ready to spray everything with vinegar. Soap and clean towels will be available at every sink for frequent hand washing and just like you, we will wash our hands as frequently as needed. We will wear our glorious handmade masks when handling food.

We missed you and we look forward to welcoming you again, at snail pace 🙂

A Snail Life - FireJuice Amsterdam B&B