Agua room

Dive deep…

We know, you might still be disappointed that you were not born as a mermaid. Being here will soothe that pain. Come, spend some time beneath the waves and wait for the night to see all the majesty of the glowing jellyfish and their surroundings. Moon, sun, corals and other surprises lie in the details of this harmonious seascape.

The Agua Room features immersive artwork by K. D. Ignetas, aka ChiTreeKai. After studying design in Germany, the artist spent some years living and working in Southeast Asia. Now based in Germany, his art is ‘inspired by nature, the elements and the Tao of Ever-Changing Cycles, the Zen of Harmonic Imperfection and direct experience through the abstract in balance and vibrant energy in the polar dance of unity’. He is also responsible for ‘The Rise and Shine Abundance Tree’ growing in the living area.

The room comes with a large double bed (180 x 200) and blacklight lamp to explore the glowing mysteries of the depth.

Price per night 2024 (valid for two people, breakfast, 9% VAT and 12,5% tourist tax included)

  • Low-season (November – March): €120
  • High-season (April – October): €130

Reductions per night:

  • Single person visit: -€10
  • Empty belly option, per person (no breakfast): -€10

Interested in floating amidst wonder? Check our availability and book with us!