Couples retreats

From March 2019 on, the FireJuice will be hosting intensive therapeutic psychedelic retreats for couples. Exciting! The full description of these retreats is to be found on Therapeutic Sitting Service’s website. Here is a short version to see if this is something for you and your loved one…
FireJuice Amsterdam sychedelic Couple retreat

In a nutshell…

Do you and you partner want to strengthen you relationship? Are you looking for a safe and supported experience to explore the depths of your relationship with your loved one? Or do you feel that you need some professional help to deconstruct unhealthy patterns, face some challenges or resolve long-lasting issues?

As trained and experienced professionals in the fields of psychotherapy, mindfulness, psychedelic journeys and hospitality, we have designed the psychedelic therapeutic 3-day retreat to help you, as a couple. The retreats are hosted by the FireJuice, while the therapeutic work is brought to you by Therapeutic Sitting Service (TSS), an innovative small organisation providing professional therapeutic support for psychedelic sessions in the Netherlands. Among others, TSS is in charge of the therapeutic sitting service offered through the Psychedelic Society of the Netherlands.

You will get a chance to gain new perspectives from a combination of different healing tools including therapy, mindfulness, the mind-body connection, movement and breathing exercises, psycho-drama and the power of psychedelic truffles.

Practical info

The retreat is offered in English. It is designed for two couples and the program covers 3 full days. Therefore, the participants need to arrive at the FireJuice for check-in one day before the start of the program. The retreat package includes 3 nights at the FireJuice, breakfasts (except Day 2) and refreshments throughout the day. We will also share healthy snacks and dinner together. All food is vegan and organic. 

Next available dates in 2019

May 3-4-5 – arrival on 2nd
June 14-15-16 – arrival on 13th
July and beyond: to be announced

More info?

Please head to the Therapeutic Sitting Service’s website for more information on the retreat, on the team, and to find answers to the Frequently Asked Questions. There, you can get in touch for booking or extra information.


We look forward to helping you