Covid-19: FireJuice is closed until further notice

After months of hoping for improvement, we have decided to close the FireJuice until travelling is deemed safe again. That could take several months, probably more, we will see… We look forward to hosting you again when the time is right. However, if you have any question or want to send us cute messages, feel free to reach out! See you in the future <3

Welcome home!

Our Amsterdam Bed & Breakfast is as unique as it sounds. Expect mind-blowing art on walls, loads of positive vibes, a yummy vegan organic breakfast and a cute and sun-bathed garden. Be yourself and enjoy your stay with us! We speak English, French and Dutch.

You and us

As a polyamorous, non-heteronormative, intercultural couple of weirdoes – among many other labels – we have decided to create a safe and welcoming place in Amsterdam for people like us, and people like you. Are you into alternative culture, mind-expanding art and adventures? Or perhaps you enjoy a place where you can freely express your identity when it comes to feminism, queerness, or ethical non-monogamy?

Yes? Come over! No? That’s perfectly fine too; we will convert you and all resistance is futile.